Project Seahorse For Kids

Project Seahorse for Kids will bring our youth closer to marine life by educating them about our marine ecosystem as well as offering swimming and snorkeling instruction. Our goal is create the future youth ocean conservation ambassadors of Palm Beach County.


Our Goals
  1.   Teach the kids of Palm Beach County how to swim and snorkel.
  2.  Teach the kids about the marine life of Palm Beach County that can be seen in the snorkeling areas.
  3.  Teach the kids about the conservation needs of our marine ecosystem.
  4.  Help the kids understand why they need to protect our marine environment.
  5.  Show the kids what they can do to protect our marine environment.
  6.  Inspire the kids to become the youth ocean conservation ambassadors by teaching their friends and family what they have learned and how they can help.


Our History
Many people in Palm Beach County have no idea how fortunate they are to live in an area where the diversity and abundance of marine life, as well as water clarity, is much greater than most of the Caribbean as well as North America. In fact, one of our sites,The Blue Heron Bridge Marine Park, was rated #1 Dive Site Peoples Choice in Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine in 2013. Another magazine, Sport Diver, list this same marine park in the top 50 best dive sites worldwide. This amazing place is also accessible to snorkelers due to it’s shallow depth. 
Virtually everyday at this park many water enthusiast such as snorkelers, scuba divers and underwater photographers can be found exploring our underwater world. Dan Volker, marine photographer and publisher of the “South Florida Dive Journal”, noticed that many of the local children while not going in the water, are very interested in hearing about what the divers are seeing and photographing. Dan soon realized that many of these kids could not even swim. He spoke with Jim Abernethy, award winning author, photographer, cinematographer and most importantly conservationist, who was interested in teaching our youth the value of our marine ecosystem.  He believes the best way to get anyone to care about the marine environment is through first hand experience and hopefully these children will better care for it than our generation. In 2014, Dan Volker along with Jim Abernethy formed Project Seahorse For Kids as a way to introduce the youth of Palm Beach County to the underwater world. 
In this first year, Project Seahorse for Kids introduced 50 kids to the underwater world through snorkel instruction. In 2015, roughly 135 kids participated in Project Seahorse program in both Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach. This year roughly 135 kids will go through our Project Seahorse program. Project Seahorse for Kids also hosts events and speaking presentations to educate and inspire everyone to take action in protecting marine life.
Mission Statement – Project Seahorse for Kids will bring our youth closer to marine life by teaching them about our marine ecosystem, as well as how to swim and snorkel. Our goal is to create the future youth ocean conservation ambassadors of Palm Beach County.
None of this could have been done without the tremendous support of our community, sponsors and friends. Amongst these friends, Jonathan Dickinson of Florida Freedivers has done a tremendous amount of volunteer work every single year.