Project Seahorse For Kids

Project Seahorse for Kids will bring our youth closer to marine life by educating them about our marine ecosystem as well as offering swimming and snorkeling instruction. Our goal is create the future youth ocean conservation ambassadors of Palm Beach County.


Our Goals
  1.   Teach the kids of Palm Beach County how to swim and snorkel.
  2.  Teach the kids about the marine life of Palm Beach County that can be seen in the snorkeling areas.
  3.  Teach the kids about the conservation needs of our marine ecosystem.
  4.  Help the kids understand why they need to protect our marine environment.
  5.  Show the kids what they can do to protect our marine environment.
  6.  Inspire the kids to become the youth ocean conservation ambassadors by teaching their friends and family what they have learned and how they can help.


Our History
Jim Abernethy knows that his generation failed miserably at protecting our marine environment because he witnessed it disappear. He was brought up believing what he was told, that the sea was an inexhaustible resource! He believes the best hope for the future of our oceans, our planet and own existence is with our youth! He spoke with Dan Volker, who really wanted to get the local community of the Blue Heron Bridge marine park area into the water to see the spectacular marine life we have here. This was inspired by having lots of kids ask him after his dives what he saw underwater. Together they formed a plan to provide educational marine life presentations in addition to teaching the local community to swim and snorkel, while we create the future “Youth Ocean Conservation Ambassadors” of Palm Beach County! Jim formed the non-profit “Project Seahorse for Kids”, while Dan set up our partnerships and alliances with Palm Beach County Parks and other entities. To date 480 kids have been through this program. None of this could have been accomplished with out the support of the local diving community, Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation, Boynton Beach and the many volunteers and supporters. Please check our sponsors page for a more complete list.
Project Seahorse for Kids is creating an coalition of Youth Ocean Conservation Ambassadors by teaching Palm Beach County youth to swim, snorkel and the ocean issues facing our marine life.